Monday, June 6, 2016

No contact sports, just Bible bashing

Hola y'all!

This week was loaded with exchanges. We had one with the Zone Leaders on Tuesday, which meant I was captain of the Jetta for the day. Speaking of which, that thing is a chick magnet. Literally, we have to clean bird poop off of it nearly every day 🐣🐥🐤

I almost hit a deer that day so it's just an all-around great car if you like nature. We've hit I think 2 or 3 snakes with it while driving in the country. We've started calling the car Mama Nature, turn on the engine and it gathers animals just like Snow White

We've been going on exchanges with the bike elders like twice a week because elder Creamer is such an asset with his Spanish. We've actually given a couple of our near-er Spanish investigators to them so we don't have to exchange so often and disrupt their work. I might have to re-install Duolingo and crack open one of our thousands of unused Libros de Mormon and pull my weight around here. We have tons of active Spanish speakers in the ward too. The Spanish sunday school class is one of the biggest, by a lot. I guess there used to be a Spanish branch, and it was dissolved into our ward. So now we have more Spanish speaking members and less actives and investigators than the Spanish elders in Greenville do.

Where do all these people come from? We have a bunch of ward missionaries and almost all of them are Spanish speaking, which is probably the most needed trait for missionary work in this area. I think we have 7 ward missionaries (including our Ward Mission Leader and our Assistant Ward Mission leader) who speak spanish.

Speaking of callings in our ward, we got a new bishopric! As I said in an email like 2 months ago, our dear sweet bishop is moving away for work so we've been floundering for some time waiting for the big change. When we came into the church building yesterday morning and were greeted by the entire Stake presidency, we knew what was about to go down. No surprise, Brother Jones the first counselor was called as bishop, and Brother Walkenhorst was promoted from second counselor to first, and then Brother Wakefield my favorite member got called as the second counselor! Heck yeah. He had to shave his sweet handlebar mustache which was pretty disappointing but the church is probably still true. We're excited to see how we can help this new bishopric the best. Not much has changed but it's pretty different at the same time.

Oh deer (🐎) we did a lot of service this week. We helped I think 3 different families either move out of their house, move them into their new house, or move all their stuff into storage. And we did more too! Service is fun sometimes which is why we do so much. Or that's why I do so much. You have to make it fun but sometimes it's already fun, like picking up sticks on the ground in the middle of the forest on a member's great and spacious property 😁😎😋

Did yall see the new children's Bible videos????? If not either go on or download them on Gospel Library, they are well worth your time. They don't just meet missionaries' low standard for entertainment, they are legitimately awesome. The blonde kid with the big glasses and the missing front tooth is my absolute favorite and if you watch the videos he's in like all of them and he will steal your heart

Transfers are coming up and I've never felt so vulnerable! I've got another week and a half guaranteed here in S-ville, then who knows, I could train, go Zone Leader, go AP, really anything is possible, we've got interviews this week so I will do my best to convince Pres to promote me. I guess when I email next week I will know. I just hope I don't go to a bike area. Oh great, God heard me write that, now who knows what will happen. Me and my mouth

Well everyone I'm pretty sure that's all I have to say right now, I'm going to attach a picture of my favorite graffiti ever, we drive by it in our area all the time. Sometimes a truck will park in front of it and sell Confederate flags. I might buy one someday, they are pretty rare after all. Also haha I took a picture of the lady that lives in the apartment across from us who has a hanging basket but nothing to hang it on so she just put it on a table hahahahahaha

Challenge this week is write down a miracle you see every single day for a week and then try and complain about your life. You won't be able to do it guaranteed



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