Monday, May 30, 2016

"Everyone I know who drank water is dead"

Hola y'all!

I don't have much to say this week but I'll say what I can.

First up: we got a new car! Ayyyyy

But, it's not new. We went from a 2013 Ford Fusion to a 2013 Jetta. That's right, we're driving a chick car now. Even the door handles are smaller, they're made for girls. My hands fit perfectly but that is not the point. We changed the keyring to pink cord so we could go full hot girl and idk maybe some dudes will pull up and whistle at us and we'll give them a pass along card or something. But we lost our old car because it had a ton of miles on it (for a mission car). But the flipping Jetta only has 3000 miles less! Meaning in 2 or so months we're going to have to get a new car again! But whatever. Also it has no USB so we can't listen to music because we gave all our CDs away or maybe they're lost idk

Otherwise this week has been awesome. I'm trying to take the lead way more often which isn't always good because I rock at Bible bashing. That's not a good trait but hey at least the Baptist people I meet understand that John Smith didn't write the Book of Maroney, it's the word of God. Or at least I hope they understood that.

We've got this guy we just met named George and he is from Mexico. He's lived here for 9 months and speaks ok English. He doesn't have a car and bikes like 20 miles a day. I tried teaching the Restoration to him but I guess the English he's picked up so far is more landscaping-related since that's his job. I guess they don't talk about Joseph Smith or how the gospel can bless families while they trim hedges. I don't know what else there is to talk about but hey

The subject of this email is my favorite thing someone has ever said to me on my mission, it was said by Brother Wakefield, who is this member who is like 65 but he's really healthy. He's also like the coolest dude in the world. Like I want to be friends with him and hang out. He's cooler than most people on earth so that's awesome. But he never drinks water. He drinks like a ton of Pepsi which is his one flaw and we asked why he didn't drink water and that quote was his reply.

Yesterday I saw a guy pouring a beer can into his gas tank, and I said a prayer that it would work. There's a missionary fable in this mission that apparently two sisters ran out of gas and they were stuck in the middle of nowhere so they put water in the gas tank and said a prayer that they would be able to get home. Obviously it didn't work, faith doesn't work that well when you're disobedient and you don't fill up with gas when you're supposed to. I guess the car was ruined. I don't think it's true though, I think it's just a myth told by elders who are in bike areas and blame sisters for taking their car? Idk

I bought a couple ties at Goodwill today, and I counted and I have a total of 45! And I've probably  spent $20 on all of them, most were free or gifts. I will keep collecting until I have a prime selection of 32 that I can cycle through and they're all high quality ties.

Well the spiritual thought this week is talk to someone you don't want to and say something to them that you're afraid to say. I bet you 10 South Carolina dollars (same as US dollars) that it will actually be something they need to hear. Look at that, you'll be a savior for them! 🙆🏻

Alright yall peace and remember to look both ways when you watch a tennis match (haha someone said that to me a couple days ago hahahaha)


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