Monday, July 25, 2016

ASAP: A Surprisingly Agile Pachyderm

Well my first transfer here in Surfside Beach has come and gone and I'm still here! My arms aren't quite burnt to a crisp from biking so I guess President has more trials for me yet. One of the sisters in our little Myrtle Beach district is getting transferred, which is sad but we're getting a brand new sister in her place! For once I will not be the youngest missionary in my district. About time.

My official prediction for next transfers (in Septiembre) is Elder Staker is getting transferred and I take over the area. Not only that, but I'll become district leader and get a trainee of my own! Although my speculation may be a wee bit crooked after comparing the transfer call to my speculation board. Oh well.

As a missionary, you have to get used to people staring at you. When we went to the aquarium, it felt like we were one of the exhibits. We were more popular than the live mermaids! People couldn't stop looking! And just in general, I think it's just funny how shocked people look when they see missionaries. It's not bad, really all it does is inflate my ego. I had no idea I was so captivating 😎

I'd like to tell a story about something that happened just a few hours ago. First of all, we biked today so I asked Elder Stake Center to pick a tie for me. One that I can wear while biking without being concerned about it being destroyed by neck sweat 😉 So he picked one of my lovely Goodwill ties, one with lil elephants on it. Well then Elder Stake sauce and I biked to this neighborhood on the Intracoastal Waterway. Meaning they're super nice houses who have docks and speedboats for a backyard. We were walking through the area trying to find a member and we saw something amazing. We saw a legit elephant. Like there was a dude just riding an elephant down the street of this secluded neighborhood. There were old people driving by in golf carts and man I don't even know what happened. I would assume I hallucinated but I have photographic evidence.
PLUS the scariest thing is Elder Stake knife picked my elephant tie to wear!!!! It was a prophecy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But yeah I really don't understand

Spiritual thought this week is 1 Cor. ch 13, Charity is better than everything!!!!!!

Here are some pictures also of our district btw

K see yall later


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