Thursday, November 24, 2016

Pay no attention to the beach behind the curtain 🌊🌊🌊

Hola y'all!

Sorry the frequency of weekly emails has gone down! I will try to be better.

Christmas time at the beach is tougher than you think! It's getting really cold here. Which I mean is good because I can wear sweaters like all the time.

We're still working with our investigator Jimbo. I think he got anti-ed by this Methodist lady who lives in the trailer across from him. And I guess she used to be a stripper so Satan is using that I guess. I've met her because I parked too close to her driveway once. It's a good thing she used to be a stripper because I don't think she'd be able to make rent with where she's at right now. Is that rude? I've met a lot of strippers on my mission. And a couple prostitutes. They're usually nice and I'm happy to share with them a greater way of life, but sin is sin. I don't know where I'm going with this but the message of the day is "keep your clothes on".

The true message here is that no stripper or hooker or trollop is more powerful than the Restored gospel, a testimony of the Bible and Book of Mormon, or Jesus Christ. So don't worry about Jimbo, we've got a not at all secret weapon on our side: the truth.

It's getting really cold here! I didn't expect the beach to be so cold here. And some weekends it's raining which sucks for the old folk who choose this time of year to drive cross country and stay for the weekend.

Here's a funny story: we have two separate Tanger Outlets here in MB, they rock. I think there's one in Park City back in Utah. They have Forever 21 there and I said "guys they have men's clothes in  here I swear" and we went in and we couldn't find it so we ran out. But I know there's a men's section in Forever 21, at least at the one in City Creek. I'm wearing a cardigan from F21 right now. But if  there was a men's section in that outlet, we did not find it and I doubt the other elders would be willing to go in there and check again

Sorry all my stories are about shopping but that's all we do on P-day, we shop probably more than any sister in the mission. I don't spend money like ever so I guess I just walk into stores and feel things and then walk out

But thanksgiving is coming! Let's celebrate when the people of the Bible and the people of the Book of Mormon put aside their differences and had a big dinner. At least I think that's what happened

Well I never send pictures so here's some of Ocean Boulevard which runs right next to the beach, one of our favorite places to drive

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