Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Beachy keen

Hola y'all!

Happy new year! Everyone prepare yourselves for the first year of the Trump. The Tabernacle Choir will be performing at his inauguration so the spirit will be there when he is sworn in. I'm not worried. Well, not about that.

This transfer is shorter due to Christmas and scheduling with the MTC and whatnot. If it was six weeks long, the missionaries coming in at transfers would have to go to the MTC the week of Christmas, so this one was five weeks and he next is seven. Basically what this means is the bad news has come a week sooner: I'm getting transferred!

Yeah I really didn't want it to happen but the fact that I've been feeling it would for the last like 3 days made it so I wasn't too surprised. I love this whole area, I've been blessed to serve in both elder areas, Surfside and South Myrtle Beach, back-to-back. I got to train a brand new missionary, and speaking of which, Elder Edwards is going to have to take over. Well I mean he won't be senior comp but he will be senior in the area. I know he can do it, he's leaving the nest and I guess that means I'm taking the nest with me.

Sayonara Dirty Myrtle, you filthy wench! It's been fun but I knew it couldn't last. Dang it I never got to go to the wax museum. That's fine it's like $30 and it probably sucks. But I have no idea where I'm headed, only that I'm going somewhere. I'm trying to imagine my dream area, but it's a lot like the area I'm leaving behind so I guess I have to be open minded. I'll let yall know next week of course

We had one of our best weeks work-wise, we got three new investigators and three progressing! So of course right when things get good I get pulled out of here. But I know I'm in the Lord's hands and I know Myrtle Beach is in Elder Edwards's.

I hope everyone has a good week and that you all will make the most of the time given to you. One day soon each of us will no longer be able to play football on the beach on p-day. Oh wait that's just me

Oh I almost forgot, shoutout to Carrie Fisher and her mom Debbie Reynolds, they were/are pretty cool. If they're reading this I hope they know the church is true. The LDS church btw


Below is an actual real life photograph taken of me crying when I got the news

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