Tuesday, January 17, 2017

From bikinis to biking

Hola y'all!

I've added a bunch of people to my email list in the last year so I thought I would explain why I open with that phrase. Real quick flashback: I get to the mission field. At transfer meeting, Elder Robison and I are sent to whitewash Simpsonville 2nd Ward. The elders we're replacing are Spanish elders. The Simpsonville Spanish area was closed and they put English elders (us) to cover the large area that is the SV2 Ward boundary. The Area Book on our iPads shows that EVERYTHING is Spanish. Spanish investigators, etc. So my first weekly email in the field I opened with "Hola y'all!" because of the Spanish situation, and you know, South Carolina. Just thought I would explain/remind that to everyone, I don't just do it because I'm a weirdo. It's a self-imposed tradition.

I don't have much to say this week. We have an investigator on date and he's great. His name is William and he's a humble and ready dude. He's a big Clemson fan too. Speaking of which, right when I get to Myrtle Beach/Conway, Coastal wins the college World Series. And then I return to the upstate and Clemson beats Alabama! I'm more of a Carolina fan, but I guess I'm good luck for college sports. Obviously not professional sports, because I got to SC days before the Panthers
lost the Super Bowl.

I'm still recovering from living beach life for the last 7 months. Spartanburg is very different. It's a lot more like the rest of the mission. What I'm really recovering from is biking. Because I do it every day and it never gets easier. (I hope you're happy elder Staker) And I couldn't be assigned to one of the many flat areas in the mission. But the white handbook says I can't say anything negative about my areas in letters home. And honestly that's my only complaint. The snow is gone. How about this: I LOVE SPARTANBURG! (95% true, and rising)

It's funny, we don't have wifi in our apartment but I check every once in a while for an open network just in case. But what I love about doing that is someone has named their wifi network "NOT THE MORMONS". Haha, not yet!

We are hanging out with the Spartanburg Spanish elders and Sumter elders today so here's some pictures of one from each companionship
 Have a good week and don't go riding on that long black train — Josh Turner


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