Monday, February 15, 2016

MTC already over.....On to South Carolina

Hi mommy it is my P day and I'm doing laundry. I took some pictures but my I forgot my camera so I'll send them later. I feel like I've been here for weeks, if not months. spiritually I have been broken down a lot in a good way. I have the greatest teachers in the world, and I have become much more converted unto Christ and I can't wait to bring it to other people. Me and my companion get along usually. He's from Mesa Arizona and graduated from Mountain View! There's like 400 new missionaries every wednesday. I just got the dounts, they actually came yesterday but I didn't get a notice until the package office was closed. Love you mom
Love Elder Berry

Hey dad I don't have my itinerary on me but we are going to be at the airport at 3:30 am and I think we're switching flights in georgia. so if you want I can try and call at around 3:30 next wednesday morning. Sorry I'm writing short emails but I'm having a hard time focusing because I've only eaten sugar today. I don't usually do that.  Love you

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