Monday, February 29, 2016

WWJD - Who Would Jesus Dunk?

Hola y'all!

This week has been the hardest, least productive week of my mission so far! 😬

First: something about the new investigator I mentioned in my last email, John. We texted him a reminder about our next visit and to read the Book of Mormon a few days ago. He replied and said "I'm reading the Book of Mormon and I will keep reading it. But I do not think another visit is necessary". We replied saying something about our purpose as missionaries and why we thought he would benefit from a second visit so we could discuss the Book of Mormon with him. He hasn't replied 😢

He was our only investigator, so we're basically back where we started a month ago. At least we have the members we're working with! We're working with a couple less active families who are working towards the temple, which is awesome. With one of the families we're holding FHE with them and teaching different things. With the other family, we're teaching the missionary lessons to them as their 7 year-old daughter prepares to be baptized by her big brother. We're texting daily scriptures to the parents of both families too. There's tons of other cool members and families in the ward. The Hopes family is great and they feed us when we're down in Laurens and Clinton (our actual area), but we only make it down there once a week. I wish all the members in our ward weren't members so I could baptize them but whatever.  So what do we do when we can only work in our assigned area once a week?

No seriously, what are we supposed to do when we can only work in our assigned area once a week? We haven't figured it out yet. I feel terrible because this week had so little actual missionary work accomplished. One day we gave a ride to the bike elders so that one of them could meet with the mission therapist in Greenville. By the time we got up there, waited for the appointment to finish, and drove back it was dinner time. We went to the Relief Society president's house for dinner, and she talked our ear off for two hours (still love her though!). So that day was pretty unproductive.

We had interviews with President on Friday, and that took like 2 and a half hours because he wanted to meet with the other elders individually because of whatever reason. Our interview was only 15 minutes, then the sisters went, and then the other elders went. First together, then one went, then the other. After that we were supposed to do service for some members but they canceled and we didn't  have enough time to schedule service with someone else. That day was pretty unproductive.

There was a day where we biked 10 hilly miles to a less active's house in Gray Court, met with her for a while, mostly about how she believes many members in the church practice polygamy in secret, and then biked 10 hilly miles back because we didn't have enough time to do anything else in the area. We had another service opportunity, so as we were driving there they also texted us and  canceled. So we called members for an hour offering service before we found someone. We got about an hour in of service before we told them we had to go to our one appointment that hadn't canceled. That day was slightly productive.

We've been scheduling finding activities every single day this last week and something has come between us every time. We always hear that the Lord puts people ready to hear the gospel in our path. But those opportunities keep getting taken away from us. HOW CAN WE BRING THE JOY OF THE GOSPEL INTO PEOPLE'S LIVES IF WE CAN'T FIND THE TIME OR PEOPLE WILLING TO LISTEN. Sorry this email is so complainy, I guess the devil is just trying to stop me from being a proper tool in the hands of the lord. That's actually great because if all this stuff is trying to stop the work from progressing, that means that there ARE people out there in need of the gospel!

So the goal next week is going to be HARDCORE FINDING. The subject of this email is Who Would Jesus Dunk because I need to figure out who is ready to take a dive in las aguas de baptismo.

Here's a fun story since the rest of this email sucked: we went to Goodwill today and I bought some ties and they were 50 cents a piece! Elder Robison called them "ugly" which is fine because I don't want him lusting over my ties anyway. A lot of his ties are uglier than mine so I'm just counting the days until he goes home. Elder Creamer informed us that he knows how to make ties so we started browsing all the clothes for materials. HAHA ELDER ROBISON AND ELDER CREAMER WERE
THEY WERE DOING HAHAHAHA. NOW THAT LADY THINKS THAT MORMON MISSIONARIES ARE PERVS HAHA oh my gosh that's terrible actually. That's not a funny story anymore never mind. As always please tell me anyone who I'm not sending this to that I should or forward it to them. I think there should be some pictures attached. One of me riding a bike for the first time and a picture of an adorable rabbit. The gospel is truuuue




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