Monday, February 29, 2016

Save your fork, we're having dessert (LAST WEEK'S EMAIL I FORGOT TO SEND)

Hola y'all!

I say hola because I have been brushing up on my espanol with Duolingo these past couple weeks, and I reached a milestone: I'm officially 4% fluent in spanish! By the next time we tract in a Spanish-Speaking trailer park, I'll be able to convert people on the spot.

This week has been great! We did service on Brother Cook's rabbit farm again, with the bike elders this time. At the end Bro Cook gave them a frozen rabbit just like the one he gave us, so now it has a friend! Elder Creamer just so happens to have spent a month at a cooking school, so a few days ago he legit prepared this rabbit so we could have it for lunch. He emptied the rabbit of its organs, then stuffed it, and prepared rice to go with it. I think there's a picture somewhere but I don't know if I have it. The rabbit looked really good and I was actually going to eat some, but it turned out to be a little undercooked so it got put back in the oven for a while. HAHAHAHA WHEN ELDER CREAMER BROUGHT IT OUT OF THE OVEN HE FOUND A KNIFE HE LEFT IN THE RABBIT WHEN HE PUT IT BACK IN AND THE PLASTIC HANDLE LIKE MELTED OVER PART OF IT HAHA. So part of the rabbit was good, and part of it tasted like cancer. I only had a little, but I had some from the melted plastic/cancer hotspot. I had a headache for a little while but I think I'm good now. It's good to have a pro chef living just a few doors down.

I rode my bike for the first time this week. Since we're running low on miles, we parked on the side of this road where the pavement ended and a dirt road began. This road isn't like flat like most roads on most parts of the planet. This road is loaded with steep hills! What a great way to get back into biking after not doing it for 8 years, right? Apparently since I last rode a bicycle they added these things called gears and I guess you have to change them as you're riding the bike. Basically what I learned is the numbers mean nothing and you just have to press randomly on the switches and hope your chain doesn't fall off (which happened twice). We finally got to the referral's house and there was a guy named Philip there. That was great because the referral's name was Philip. But I guess it was a different Philip and the referral Philip was his son. He said we could come back on Sunday. We did (we biked again 😞) and no one was home. Thanks for the trials, HF!

We got a new investigator this week though and it's an awesome story! We went tracting in this trailer park that I hate because everyone there is baptist and they are so mean. Not really mean but like why won't they just get baptized in our church instead. So we go to this area again and LITERALLY THE FIRST DOOR WE KNOCKED ON LET US IN. People don't usually open their doors, but this guy let us in his actual house! His name is John and we taught him the first lesson. His girlfriend and 3 kids came home in the middle and we asked them to join us and they said no and it was super awkward. We gave John a Book of Mormon and asked him to read it and pray about it. He said he would so that was cool. It just goes to show we get rewarded for doing things we should do but don't necessarily like! We scheduled a return appointment for next Saturday!

We had dinner with the bishop's family on saturday and I guess they were low on silverware so they asked us to save our forks because we were having dessert. I laughed because I remembered that story in the Ensign or something where the exact same thing happened. But it was funny because it happened for real and it happened to me so that was awesome.

I was going to send pictures this week but I forgot my camera again but I think Elder Robison will give me some pictures to send in next week's email so don't worry also please tell me who to send this email to or forward it because I'm pretty sure I know more than 15 people


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