Monday, May 16, 2016

Vomit-free since '16

Hola y'all!

This week has gone by pretty fast. I started measuring time in terms of calories instead of hours or days. When I got sick a while back, I lost my appetite for a couple days and by the time I wasn't sick anymore, I had lost a few pounds. Which I can't really afford to do. So I've been pushing the calories hard, a couple days ago I actually broke 4000 calories. Everything was going peachy, I was approaching my weight from before I was sick (which is still lower than I'd like) and then last night for some reason I felt nauseous and threw up. It came out of nowhere at like 9:30 last night, and within a few minutes I was hurling yellow-orange stomach acid into the toilet. There wasn't even any food in there, so it wasn't like my body threw up because I was overeating. But really I'm just upset that my streak has been broken. I haven't thrown up in probably almost 10 years and now the counter has reset. It makes me think of Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother. He was "Vomit-free since '93" and then he threw up in one episode and then he was "Vomit-free since '06" or something less catchy like that. This morning I weighed less than I have in the last couple days, so I guess it's back to square uno 🙀😿😾

Here's an update that's even more sad: our golden investigator, Al, who had that crazy story about wanting to kill himself and then a member of our ward just stopped by and pretty much saved his life. Well, he's struggled with alcoholism his whole life, and even though he's come to church the last couple weeks, his life hasn't gotten easier. Maybe even harder. God never really takes our trials away, we just get different, tougher ones because we've become stronger. But it's hard to tell someone that when they're going through such a hard time. So through a series of events that I won't really go into specifics on out of respect and privacy to him, he decided to stop pursuing everything right now. He texted us and pretty much dropped us which was a complete shock to us. We talked to him on the phone and he told us how hard things were right now, and how he felt he was a burden to everyone. We tried to show him otherwise, but he seems to have made up his mind for now. He said he still likes us and appreciates all we've helped him with, but he basically wants some space right now. We said that was fine and that we would call him in a few weeks to check up on him. He said that would be fine so I guess we'll see where that goes. Keep him in your prayers!

Sorry this email wasn't very uplifting, I want to think of a good story. Hmm. Well we helped these members in our ward, the Wakefields, who are the coolest people in the world. They're in their 60s but they're cooler than most "hip" kids today. They're building a house inside of this barn of sorts which is the coolest thing ever, it sounds weird but it is so cool inside. I want to take some pictures when it's done. But anyway we just went there and helped put some insulation in. That was pretty fun. It's not as exciting as I thought it was going to be back when I started typing about it. Oh well I had a really good time and I'm excited to keep helping them 👍🤘👌

It's heating up here in SC but the Lord loves us so he's given a bit of a cool spell these last couple days and in the next few days to come. Low 70s until the end of the week. Then we're on our way to 90s 100s, and 80-90% humidity. Hooray for being in a car area, and let's hope I don't get transferred until at least August, the upstate is the best place in the summer.

ok yall stay fresh and tell someone you love them this week (even if you don't. because you should. you should love everyone ❤💜💙) Don't drink and drive!



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