Monday, March 7, 2016

Serve with all your cards, might, mind, and strength

Hola y'all!

I don't have any good reason for saying Hola this week, I've kind of fallen off the wagon with Duolingo. I seem to have less and less free time every day. I'm perpetually a week behind in my journal. La camisa es muy guapo (I think that means "the church is true"). But you know what's usually great about not having free time?

You're busy! That's right, we did a ton this week! I know last week's email was kind of negative and I actually have a funny story about that. So I sent last week's email and it was talking about all the obstacles and trials and discractions we had and I meant to say that yeah it's hard but it's a positive thing because that we face the most opposition in our lives when we're trying to do right. But I guess I made a couple mistakes: first, I sent that email to my MTC companion who's also in this mission. Apparently you're not supposed to email anyone in the same mission as you??? I thought I just wasn't allowed to email sisters in my mission which isn't a problem because why would any of the sisters want to talk to me. But I guess he was worried I was depressed or something or maybe his companion heard what I said and he was worried. So yesterday I get a call from the Zone Leaders and they tell me how it's going to be okay and that missions can be hard sometimes but I just gotta push through it! Obviously those are true things but I already know that, and I tried to explain that I wasn't clinically depressed or anything. I don't think they believed me because they kept saying "we're here for you when you're feeling like you can't make it". I CAN MAKE IT GET OFF OF ME

Anyways that was kind of funny. This week was awesome! We went down to Laurens and Clinton last Tuesday for our weekly trip to our actual area and it was an action-packed day. We taught 6 lessons. 2 were to investigators. One is this super drunk guy who's missing a couple fingers and a few more teeth but he's super knowledgeable about religion in general. We're making good progress with him. The other person is this lady who is so super baptist oh my gosh. Our lesson with her was basically asking a question every once in a while, and then listening for five minutes as she just rambled and preached about her beliefs until we found a break in her speaking so we could ask another question. Lady's got great faith but wow does she take a long time to express it. We managed to get in just enough information about us and our church and how the Bible and Book of Mormon work together that she accepted a copy of both (not that she needed another Bible but she probably took so she could see that "our" Bible really was the King James Version). The important thing is she took a BoM and promised she would read some and call us. We also taught 4 LARCs (less active/recent convert lessons for you gentiles out there 😊) to various people and families and they were all wonderful. We had dinner at the Hopes household as usual and that was great as usual. They're a super interesting family.

The rest of the week was basically a service extravaganza! We're only supposed to do 10 hours of service a week, but we ended up doing more like 12. Whoops! I guess we were a little too Christlike! 😋

Simpsonville is great. It's not humid here yet either which is awesome. At the Dollar Tree they sell these Star Wars 7 trading cards and they're my favorite. If any of you ever want to send me anything, just send me some packs of those and I will be so golden. I'm trying to get a holographic Kylo Ren but they're either super rare or I made them up. No but I'm serious please send me some so I don't have to spend food money on them and I can eat. Oh yeah our mission has decided effective in April that we're not allowed to have meals at any members houses anymore. UNLESS we bring a less active or investigator. So basically we're begging some of the active members in the ward who actually feed us to stop coming to church so often so we can eat. Also apparently we have banned tracting. That's right, we no longer plan to go and knock doors! We're supposed to find entirely through actives, less actives, and referrals. I would say it's gonna be hard but that's basically what we've been doing this whole time, plus I hate tracting, so it's no butter off my back! (is that a saying?)

As always I hope everyone has a good week wherever you are and if you feel you want to forward this email to anyone, just make sure it's not my Zone Leaders, who knows how they'll interpret it this time. If anyone has any questions please ask them! I get so excited when I get emails during the week so feel free to send them!


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