Monday, March 28, 2016

Running on empty

Hola y'all!

We almost weren't able to email today because we almost ran out of gas, we didn't notice until it said we had 3 miles until empty. Miracles happen once in a while. When you believe.

Happy Easter everyone! It turns out that we don't just celebrate Jesus once or twice or a couple times, but we do it every year! That's because Christ's sacrifice is eternal and universal. We stopped celebrating Earth day after a while, but we still celebrate Easter, what does that tell you? That means Jesus is risen and has and will outlive even the earth. Ok I just read what I wrote and that doesn't make any sense. But basically what I'm trying to say is Jesus is a cool dude. He overcame physical and spiritual death and we can do the same as long as we follow his example. It turns out life IS easy!

But life can be hard. We had the opportunity to meet with a man who is going through a very hard time. I won't say a lot just to respect his privacy but he was laid off from his job and has no source of income, he has a ton of financial troubles and debt and very little money to his name (I'm talking $5 or less in his bank account), he's on the verge of losing his home, and much more. He's a smoker, and an alcoholic, and all his family has left him. The other night he was in a bad spot. He saw no way out of his troubles, and he decided he was going to take his life. That morning he said a prayer on his knees begging God to show him what he should do or the direction he should take in life. He said he was willing to give everything, as little as he has, in order to know the correct path. Later that day, when he was seriously considering pulling the trigger, a member of our ward decided to stop by. He asked if everything was ok and the man broke down. They talked for a while, the guy from our ward paid his electricity bill, his phone bill, gave him money for food (and cigarettes 😱😅😷) and offered to have the missionaries come over. So of course that's where we came in. We stopped by and had the greatest visit ever. This man is one of the most humble, faithful, kind, and loving people I have ever met. Plus he was super willing to listen to our message, which is rare for a missionary and always nice. He said, " God sent [his friend from the ward], and [his friend] sent you guys. I asked God this morning which way I should go, and here you are." Then I started crying cause come on I didn't do anything, he kept talking to us like we were angels but I know it's his friend that saved his life. But yeah we had an awesome lesson, and put him on date to be baptized for April 30th! So cool! Super hard to deny the influence of God in his life, especially that single day. He kept telling us all these things that I didn't even write that just reinforced it holy cow. 😇🐄

This week our new policy about no member meals unless there is an investigator or less active member there is goes into effect. We haven't starved to death yet and I doubt it'll happen ever. I may not be able to eat 3000-4000 calories a day like I was hoping, but I'll survive. Patience was an attribute I got plenty of opportunities to practice this week. On several days every single one of our appointments fell through, leaving entire days open and us not sure what to do. But we still found meaningful things to do every hour of each of those days! Loaves and fishes type miracles going on down here in the smaller Carolina 🍞🐟

Sorry I didn't write anything funny this week, I know that's a big part of why people like me so if you want to unsubscribe from these mass emails let me know 😁

Alright folks stay fresh and check out the bottom of this email for a picture of me holding a small bunny that will be slaughtered for meat in about 5 weeks 😱


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