Monday, April 4, 2016

Two months down, only 22 to go

Hola y'all!

I wish I could tell yall what I did this week but I can't for the life of me remember. I can't remember if I ever said this in an email but we did NOT win the cleanest car mission-wide. At least I assume. It's been weeks and I assume they would tell us before one of the months that you get to use those 50 bonus miles in ended. I don't know what lucky companionship won, but it's probably sisters with a 2017 Ford Fusion that has like 200 miles on it and they didn't even have to clean it. Or maybe the real winners were inside our hearts all along ❤💙💜

Update on Al, the really cool guy we met last week whose friend and member of our ward pretty much saved his life. We met with him a second time and it went really well (I thought) but we've been trying to call him to schedule another visit and he hasn't been answering his phone. I would assume his phone got canceled, but his friend paid it last week. So I guess if he's not answering or returning our calls he's not interested anymore? I'm working on having more hope and positivity so I'm not really letting myself assume that. We're going to keep trying to get in touch with him, spiritual fingers crossed!

Oh, I remember what we did this week. This week was a week full of disappointments :)  There were several occasions where we managed to set aside a day and enough miles to get down to the majority of our area, and on the way we called to confirm all of our appointments, and every single one canceled. Oh well! Success of a missionary is measured not by how many people we meet with or how many people we baptize, but how hard we try. When bad things happen that are out of our control, our Heavenly Father knows that and blesses us as long as we try anyway. We always end up finding something meaningful to do every hour of every day, so no complaints here.

We did a lot of service this week! We do a lot of service every week I guess, and this week was no exception. We volunteered at this place called God's Pantry, that gives food to homeless people and stuff. We packed food in boxes for a few hours and they were super appreciative. That's the best kind of service, because packing those boxes was scraight up fun, plus we got the reminder and reward of knowing that it was all to help people in need. Pretty great.

And of course we had General Conference this week! Highlights:
Uchtdorf with the best lines (Chewbacca, the perfect woman, the Celestial language)
Hales being missing the whole conference and then giving an awesome Holy Ghost talk despite his health
Monson giving 2 short but killer talks (I hope he's doing ok)
Russell M. Nelson being a boss
Holy cow Big Jeff at the end of the last session, it made me laugh and cry and PONDER

If yall didn't hear all the talks I would recommend you do that right now. And I would also recommend to have a good week! 🤑🤑😁


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