Monday, April 11, 2016

Al Dente

Hola y'all!

This week was killer! 💀 I went to Bojangles on Wednesday and I got 6 Bo Berry Biscuits for $3.21. If you don't know what Bo Berry Biscuits are then I feel bad for you son. Because I got 6 of them and I ate every one. No but really they are Bojangles biscuits which are good on their own, but they put blueberries in them so it's like a dessert biscuit, and then they drown them in icing. Worth it!

In our cars, we have this thing called Tiwi. I don't know if they're worldwide or only in certain missions but it's a little black box in the bottom corner of the inside of the windshield on the driver's side. Every missionary has to qualify to drive obviously, then once they are qualified they get sent a Tiwi card that you have to hold against the box and it will sign you in electronically. If you don't log in, and you drive the car, Tiwi will say "no driver. no driver. no driver." and then it keeps track of how long you drive without logging in. I think the record is 21 miles which is insane. He also yells at you if you're speeding, driving aggressively, or not wearing a seatbelt. If you continue to do those things, it will go on your record and if you're a bad enough kid you will have your driving privileges revoked. Also if you drive after 10pm it will alert the mission president and church headquarters. THAT'S RIGHT Tommy Monson can see if I'm out late and he can pray just for me 😬😀

But so Elder Robison is the designated driver and he's driven every day the entire time we've been together. But his Tiwi card fell apart and is not working. We can't drive without logging in, so luckily I got my card in the mail this week! So I've been driving the last couple days. I'm pretty much the senior companion now. It's fun! South Carolina drivers are the worst! NO ONE in SC pulls over for ambulances. So ambulances have to do evasive maneuvers like all the time. I'm nice and a person with a functioning heart and brain so I always pull over for them and they always give me a thumbs up, without fail. The Greenville Medical department must love me.

This week I started eating Kraft Deluxe instead of Velveeta Shells & Cheese. It's a big change but I'm pressing forward. They each have their own pros and cons: Velveeta tastes better, but Kraft has more servings. I can eat a whole box of Velveeta for a meal but Kraft Deluxe is just a little too much, especially since it isn't as good. It's good though because then I'll only make half the box and I can stretch the box to two meals. I don't know, I'm still trying to figure things out. I've still got my whole life to figure out which mac & cheese is right for me so I'm not worried.

Well Al, the investigator I've talked about the last couple weeks, he came to church this Sunday! Hooray! My first investigator on date for baptism became my first investigator who attended church, alright alright! He wore jeans and his trademark camo "I ❤ Jesus" hat so he stuck out a bit but I promised him that no one was going to judge him. Simpsonville 2nd ward is too great, probably 25 people came up and introduced themselves and offered any help he might need and made him feel welcome. Yesssssssss. Some members care!!!! We're really excited to see what happens with Al, he was on date for April 30th, but if I take faith out of the equation, it's not too likely he's gonna be ready by then. He would have to quit smoking this week, which is going to be hard for sure. But we're still doing really well with him!

This week was awesome in terms of people seen and lessons taught. We taught 12 lessons this week, and only 7 of them were to less active members! That means the rest were taught to investigators. We're finally catching our groove.

In all ways I am doing fine. To quote a guy I met a couple weeks ago, "I'm finer than a hair split four ways with a broad axe", or "I'm finer than chicken's teeth". And that means a lot coming from the guy because he just had his foot amputated and he's getting his leg amputated up to the knee this week. That guy's name is Gill and he's a stud!

But yeah hope yall have a good week and try to read or listen to a talk from General Conference, you can keep getting revelation the more you read! Modern day scripture! Sorry I don't have any pictures on this email, I might have some on my iPad that I could try and send later. But yeah see ya later!


Actually I do have a picture, it's of a sign down in Laurens, my favorite little ghetto town. Hope y'all enjoy


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