Monday, April 25, 2016


Hola y'all!

I say hola because on Saturday our Ward Mission Leader and his wife (the Calderons) took us out to eat at a Puerto Rican restaurant called Latinos. Yall were right, the food out here really is different! I had no idea plantains and arroz amarillo were staples of South Carolina cuisine! Just like anywhere, we were the only white people there. Although Puerto Ricans have really fair skin so they almost had me fooled! But the food was really good. They're only open 3 days a week (Thurs-Sat) because they go down to Florida every single week and get their ingredients and make everything fresh. When they run out, or the ingredients are a couple days old? Well, it's time to close until next week. The Calderons themselves are Puerto Rican, so they did a really good job at making us feel even more disconnected from the whole thing since they know a little more Spanish than me.

But oh my gosh Prince died??????? I heard that a couple days ago and I'm so confused. I thought he was immortal????? I'm sure there's plenty of people in the spirit world partying like it's 2016 and teaching him about the gospel. I would do his temple work but I'm a little busy 🙆

I've been sick the last couple days, which is so fun! At least it used to be. Before my mission, being sick was the best thing ever. But out here you just feel awful. The fact that I've gotten more than 8 hours of sleep in the last 24 hours disgusts me. But never fear it's P-day so we'll stop by Walgreens and get some NyQuil or something.

Hmm what happened this week? Not a lot, I don't think. We did a lot of service but we always do a lot of service. We gave a blessing to a guy named Gill (can't remember if I've mentioned him before) who's getting his leg cut off to the knee. Well actually he already got it cut off, that was like a week ago. Well I guess nothing has really happened. Oh on Saturday I went into the Family History app and I traced my lineage back to Abraham, Noah, and Enoch! The only problem is it says that Enoch is deceased which I'm pretty sure isn't true, since he and his people were translated and they live with God now.

But yeah this week has been pretty ok. Transfers are coming up though, that explains it. The calm before the storm. Elder Browne, one of the bike elders in our ward, and one of my favorite people ever, goes home this transfer, May 4th. That's so close! And so scary! Also I feel so vulnerable! Pretty much the only time I was guaranteed not to have anything happen to me at transfers was my first one. Now that I'm done with training, anything can happen. Technically speaking I could be training someone in two weeks. I could be in Charleston on bike sweating in the SC summer until I die. I could go AP! I could become a Spanish-speaking missionary. After all, our ward has a stronger group of hispanics than the actual Spanish missionaries do. Think about that for a second. Either they suck or they should not have put me and Elder Robison here.

To end this week's email I'm gonna give a quote I heard from a very old man who we helped on his farm. "The best thing for the inside of a person is the outside of a horse". I'm not sure what that means but I do know it doesn't make me any less afraid of horses. They can still bite my hand off when I offer them a sugar cube and they can still kick me and break my back. The worst thing for the outside of a person is the outside of a horse, I have a testimony of that.

Anyway stay fresh yall and if I had to give you one challenge, it would be watch all 3 Toy Story movies back-to-back-to-back. If I had to give you a spiritual challenge, get better at prayer. Don't ask God to do things for you. Ask God what you can do for him. Faith is aligning your will with his so your desires and His desires will be the same. See what happens when you try and achieve your divine potential! I double dog dare you!

I have no pictures because there was nothing to take pictures of literally the whole week.

 ❤ 👔 🍓   

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