Monday, August 8, 2016

A Storm on Mount Olympics

Hola y'all!

Wow I never realized I loved the Olympics until it was a sin to watch them. We go to members' houses and it's ALWAYS on. I didn't think there would be anything out here that was bigger on tv than Nascar, but this part of the country is no different than anywhere else. It's cool to see in this day and time an event that unites the whole world for a while. Rio's economy might tank when everything's over but whatever not my problem

I had a good birthday, I decided to fast because I've been struggling with a lot of different things. The other elders decided we should go somewhere for lunch and I didn't remember I was fasting until we got there. So they enjoyed a nice birthday lunch for me, and I just watched 🙃

But it's not a big deal! I've never not been blessed when fasting before, so I'm sure the blessings will be coming by at any minute

What else happened this week?  I can't remember honestly. Nothing too interesting, the tourist wave of the summer seems to be dying down, soon it will just be locals and us missionaries. Then they'll have nowhere to hide hahahahahahaha

I'll miss the summer craze but it'll be interesting to see this place in the slow season. And I could very well be here until Christmas, it's only been a transfer and a half, and no missionary has ever served in Surfside for less than six.

It's been actually kind of mild here this week, it's been raining a lot, which is always welcome, even if I'm biking.

Spiritually speaking, remember that we're not given any obstacle that we can't or won't overcome and that won't be for our benefit. So how do we change our perspective from whether or not we can do something, to what our reward or growth will be when we do over come it, that's the question. I don't have the answer so who knows man

But anyway I know I forgot to talk about something, but there's always next week for me to forget about it again. Bye!!


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