Monday, August 15, 2016

Chipootle Weekend

Hola y'all!

Nothing too major has happened this week, we had interviews with President, and that was fun! We've had to go to Florence twice this month so far, so that's 300 miles down the drain. Just kidding it was worth it

We helped this young couple move and they bought us Chipotle! It was good, the only other time I've had it was in the ATL airport on the way over here and it wasn't that good of an experience. But this time it was. And they gave us coupons to go there again, so that's what we're doing for P-day!

The work is going alright here, we put someone on date for baptism which I think is the second time I've done that. We're still working with her so I'll give updates as she progresses.

But here is a spiritual thought: because Jesus was perfect, he never did anything wrong, and everything he did do is not bad! Well remember the time he got angry and flipped the tables of merchandise and made a whip in the temple? That means there's such a thing as righteous anger! Don't be afraid to stand up for what you believe in!!!!

Ok I only have one picture from this week and it's a funny picture from a BBQ place in our area


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