Monday, October 17, 2016

Keep your lives long and your emails short

Hola y'all!

Transfers  are here once again, which means that Elder Edwards is halfway done training me. I think after that I will finally be able to train him. Transfers are on Tuesday instead of Wednesday, I think because there might be limited flights coming in to the east coast for the incoming missionaries, because of the hurricane. But I'm not sure

Not much has happened since last week, we've mostly been doing service for people. The main part of the damage from the hurricane is downed trees. We're not allowed to use chainsaws but we sure are allowed to move branches across someone's yard! I've been eating a lot of peanut butter, hopefully some of this tree dragging turns into cold hard muscle 💪

Here's a spiritual thought: read the talk Why The Church by Elder Christofferson and go to church if you're not already. If you are already attending church, turn to ch. 8 in Preach My Gospel and ask  yourself what you can do to continue to have a spiritual experience at church. If you have a boo boo, you go to the hospital, and we've each got a lot of spiritual boo boos, like it or not.

Fall here is awful, it's just a weird combination of sand and leaves and it's gross

Motivational quote of the week: "I'm a star, how can I not shine?"  —
Kanye West on album Graduation

K love you all bye


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