Wednesday, October 5, 2016

It's starting to get cold here kinda

Hola y'all!

There's nothing to talk about except General Conference.

I imagine Uchtdorf's comment about the anonymous diet soda sparked some controversy. Let me know if people leave the church because of it. Just kidding that's rude

We got to hear Pres. Monson speak! I thought it was really interesting that he chose to speak on the Word of Wisdom at Priesthood Session and the physical, mental, and spiritual blessings it brings. Clearly he's not able to speak for very long, so whatever he does speak about should be of immense importance to each of us. He's God's mouthpiece for this time in history. So what he says is what we need. So when he says very little, MAKE SURE YOU'RE FOCUSING ON THOSE THINGS. I know that he is a prophet and if we heed the counsel of him, his apostles, the other general authorities, etc. then we are on the right path.

Things never change in this church. People think they do, like when the church has a policy change or whatever. But it's not God changing, it's his people. The church is made for us, so naturally as the world around us gets worse, the church has to build more fortifications just to stay in the same place, to keep the same standards. The church is a place of safety and guidance for each of us. A common theme this conference session is how important it is not to lose your faith. People losing their faith isn't a sign that the church isn't true, it's a sign of the last days and that we need to work harder than ever to be firmly planted next to the Church and Gospel of Jesus Christ. We can't afford to lose our faith because our conversion isn't only for ourselves, others need to hold onto it too, from time to time. The church is all about self reliance, the welfare program of the church has been a model for governments and societies everywhere as a great way to get people on their feet and self-sustaining. Similarly, it's each of our responsibilities to be spiritually firm, so we can help other people become spiritually self reliant.

I hope each of you will go back and read or watch or listen to the talks from conference. A lot of times people say you can just read one for now, but I care about y'all too much to deny you the blessings that come from reliving this divine intervention we receive every six months. READ THEM ALL

The beach is doing fine, don't worry. Elder Edwards and I are a third of the way through training, so I'm a third of the way to being stress-free, and Elder Edwards is a third of the way to being able to have a competent missionary as his companion. But for now he's stuck with me 😸😸😸😸

Have a good week and to quote Chance the Rapper: "Everybody's somebody's everything, nobody's nothing." Love each other!

Attached is a picture of us yesterday in our everyday best, just a couple fathers and their sons


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