Monday, October 10, 2016

That's my wagon bo

Hola y'all!

I'm sure you all have been terribly worried about us out here on the beach, what with all the souls in spiritual peril, the question must be: Did you have a productive week bringing souls to Christ?

The answer is No. The reason is Hurricane Matthew.

So the hurricane (more like Him-icane) has struck the east coast, beginning with Haiti and the  Bahamas, scraping up 90% of Florida, and finally gouging the Carolinas before heading back out to the Atlantic to take a well-deserved nap.

On Tuesday we got a call from Pres and we started to pack up and we headed to Florence. We had a 5 day slumber party with the Florence elders! On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, we broke into two 3-packs and proselyted hardcore. Saturday was when Matthew arrived and we didn't leave the apartment. Just the six of us hanging out in the Florence apartment from 6:30a to like 9:15p. By that time, the rains came down and the floods came up. Not much flooding, I mean, enough to make small lakes on some roads, so you would have to drive around them, but not too many buildings seemed flooded. So not much damage, I would say the biggest thing is South Carolina is loaded with trees. We saw hundreds of trees broken and uprooted and flipped over and laying on people's houses.


But yeah we went out Saturday night and there was no power. There was seriously no light at all anywhere except for our car lights and the few other cars on the road with us. I almost hit a cop because he didn't have his lights on and he was just sitting around the corner.
Nice try buddy 👍

We went into proper Florence and there was a little power. The McDonald's had power and there was a quarter mile line for the drive thru. We needed food because we couldn't open our fridge without losing precious cold air, so we got in line for McDonald's. We waited twenty minutes or so and then we got to the menu. I tried to order but no one was answering. After a couple minutes we pulled forward and realized there was no one going to the window. THERE WAS NO ONE WORKING THE MCDONALDS. All these cars were lined up and they had no idea that it wasn't open. It was hilarious, I would say they're all stupid but hey we fell for it too. The line got longer after we left 😄😄😄

But yeah everything here at Myrtle Beach is ok. Some members need help with their yards and stuff, but there's really not much damage. Just debris everywhere. Leaves and branches and buildup just like everywhere. So we won't have crazy cool service opportunities like the demolishing of houses back in the Columbia floods last October. But we will help where we can.

Haha on I think Thursday we went and helped with this charity fundraiser. It's put on by a bunch of different ministers and preachers, it's sweet. It's a chicken bog fundraiser. For you heathens who don't know what chicken bog is, I'll explain. It's rice, chicken and sausage. That's it. I mean they cook it in chicken broth and add salt and pepper, but that's it. It's great because they cook it in these huge pots like three feet across. They've got like twenty of these going at any given time. It's funny because all these pastors are just like grumpy old senior citizens and while cooking chicken bog may sound simple, they all have their own way of doing things, so the best part about the whole event is watching these guys bicker with each other about chicken, sausage and rice. Disagreements among
ministers, gotta love the great apostasy!

Let's turn this into a teaching moment. Chicken bog is like the Bible. Everybody loves it and it's easy to see why. The principles taught are simple, and it's a gift from God to help guide us. But just like chicken bog, preachers and pastors, fellow Christians, all have different ways of doing the same thing, aka living the gospel. But which one is right? Well luckily they had worthy Priesthood holders
and representatives of the Savior present to make sure everything was within God's will and not man's. I was one of those representatives and the chicken bog was most certainly a part of God's will for his children.

Our job as youthful volunteers is to do anything these fogies ask us to. Like lifting pots, pulling around carts carrying buckets of chicken broth, or dumping chicken or sausage into the pot. The bog is then packaged up and people come and buy chicken bog plates, all the money goes to a family in need. They do this every six weeks, it's awesome. Plus they make bank, a plate is like $7 and thousands of people come.

The best part is: we got to take some home! Chicken bog is one of my favorite things ever, man.

Florence was great but I was there so long I started talking like the people there. They say things like "what color it is?" Or "that's my wagon, bo. We use it to catch chickens."

Ok love you all stay safe, who knows, the hurricane may be underground and heading for the west coast 👻👻👻👻👻☠️👽☠️


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